Instructional Design Blogs

WordleToday, I will discuss three blogs found during my research, talking about Instructional Design:

1. The first one is The Teaching Professor blog, which is actually part of the website: Faculty Focus – Higher Ed Teaching Strategies. The author of the blog is Dr. Maryellen Weimer, “one of the nation’s most highly regarded authorities on effective college teaching” if we believe the information posted on their blog introduction. The blog contains a lot of discussion topics link to Instructional Design. The blog is actually part of a full website, faculty oriented. On the main page of the website, you can find small daily articles with recommendations, tips, advice on how to improve the learning experience. After creating an account, you have the opportunity to download full reports or papers on various topics. For example, I just downloaded on “Course Design and Development Ideas That Work” report. It presents various short articles on one specific topic, course design and development in this case. The site also offers online seminars and workshops, as well as conferences in some large US cities.

The website is looking very professional and seems to be written by experts in the field of Education and Instructional Design. I believe this will be an interesting source of information for me, to improve the learning of my own students, and the perfect place to start constructive discussions with experts in that field.

2. The second blog is written by Cathy Moore: Ideas for Instructional Design and e-Learning. Cathy Moore is actually a consultant, working to save the world from boring instruction, as she claims. She is assessing in her posts a lot of issues linked to education in general and some others directly linked to e-Learning. I like her blog topics graph where you can find all the topics she is covering, and have access to them in a single click. The blog is easy to work with, to find relevant information. It seems that the quantity of posts and articles is limited at this point. On one hand, even though the oldest posts are apparently at least 4 years old, it seems that Ms. Moore is not writing posts or articles on a regular basis, compared to the Faculty Focus blog mentioned above. On the other hand, it is interesting to compare ideas, and see how her ideas, by working in the Instructional Design field, will agree or disagree with the opinions presented by the expert professors from the Faculty Focus website.

3. The last blog is The Rapid e-Learning blog. This one is looking at how to be good with e-Learning. There are lots of production tools being presented: how to customize a clipart, how to enhance a PowerPoint presentation, and other design tips to enhance the learning experience of e-Learning students. The reason why I selected this blog is simply because the tools presented and recommendations are very concrete and applicable to my current job, as much as it will help me for my future in instructional design.

Of course, this is only my first impression on those blogs & websites, based on the few elements I have been able to look at. Now that I will follow the posts on all three of them, I will be able to see, in the few weeks coming, the relevance of the posts, as well as the constructivism of the discussion in the communities, for me to learn about Instructional Design.

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