Based on a given scenario, we had to come up with a guide to provide all the necessary information to a trainer that is willing to change his training to a blended learning approach.

Therefore, I decided to create an online guide, using a blog format. This allowed me to present the relevant information in an easy navigation format. I separated my blog into 6 sections. I started with a home/welcome page providing a general idea of what needs to be done. Then I am covering the tree main important parts of any design: Reflection, planning and action. The first reflection part looks at what the trainer needs to know about understanding what this blended learning format will bring to his training. Then, we are moving on to the planning stage: trainees’ needs, and steps to put this all system in place. The last part is on putting all of this into action: how to adapt the trainers’ role to fit the new format, and recommendations to engage the learners. The last section serves as conclusion: “Now it is your turn” where I provide the last advice to get the trainer to start designing. The sixth section is the reference part.

Don’t hesitate to let me know your thoughts about this guide!

PS: attached is the transcript of the guide and overall assignment: WK7AssgnChatonnierL


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