Estimating Costs and Allocating Resources

ProjeYonetimi4-zp86bzEstimating costs and allocating resources are key tasks of any project manager. To be successful, the PM needs to master those responsibilities. We can find various online tools today to help the PM do so. In this post, you will find a few options found online, with my first impressions on them. Please do not hesitate to give me your feedback if you know those tools!

Microsoft Office Project: this tool allows collaborative work between the team members. This will help the PM get accurate costs by engaging different stakeholders or team members in creating the budget, as well as control the expenses to keep the budget. This program will also help the PM on the organization and communication of the project. All steps of the project can be managed in the program (budgeting, scheduling, etc). I can clearly see myself using this tool, or a similar one. By compiling all project information in one software, it will help the PM keep track of every detail of the project stage, and therefore, be more efficient. Online feedbacks/comments seem positive in the use of this program.

SmartDraw: Based on their website, the software will allow: “Four keys to successful project planning: Break down tasks to appropriate levels of detail. Develop a schedule with measurable milestones. Allocate resources and hold team members accountable. Measure progress” (“Create Diagrams & Charts Automatically | SmartDraw”, n.d.) as well as create project chart, schedule, etc. By helping the PM breakdown the various tasks, in a visual format, project management will be easier, and more efficient. The estimation of activity duration will be facilitated using the tool. Being a visual learner, I can really understand the advantage of this software, and can see myself using it!


Those tools will not do the work of the PM, but will help the PM in the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities in order to be more organized, communicate better with the rest of the stakeholders, and be more efficient in working through the various stages of the project.



Create Diagrams & Charts Automatically | SmartDraw. (n.d.). Retrieved April 3, 2014, from


4 responses to “Estimating Costs and Allocating Resources

  1. Hi Sonya.

    I like the Microsoft Office Project software. It is already a familiar environment (Microsoft) and it does not appear too difficult to use. If it is as you say that “All steps of the project can be managed in the program (budgeting, scheduling, etc)” (Baker, 2014), I think I would be inclined to use as a base or use it while searching for another software. IN the end, it would be nice to have one software package that can do everything, from start to finish, of everything we need to do in a project.

    ~ Katrina

  2. Laury,

    Thanks for sharing these awesome resources. One that I found that may also assist in planning a project is Intuit QuickBase. It offers a free 30-day trial. Here is the link if you want to try it out:

    I just signed up today, so I’m still learning, but it seems pretty straight forward.

  3. Laury,

    I totally bought into the MS Project, as there are many employers that I have seen really desire someone with this talent, I bought the program through the government home use exchange. However once I bought it, I realized that it wasn’t as user friendly as I might have thought. So thank you for that page!!!


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